Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Whizzing around

On bank holiday Monday I was able to visit some of the artists I wanted to see. I had a lovely inspiring day, driving around the English countryside in the sunshine and the rain. Here are some of the people I went to see.

Kate and Paul Kessling are two very different artists, but both creating some really beautiful work. Paul paints huge striking landscapes in oils, whilst Kate creates very fun digital prints from her vast collection of buttons amongst other things. Paul has a website here, Kate doesn't have one just yet, but you can see more of her work here.
Diana Barraclough is a ceramicist whose work I found refreshingly colourful and playful. She makes garden sculptures called "totems" which fit perfectly amongst the plants and trees.

Finally I went to see Gill Banks and Sue Crook of Frayed Edges who are both textile artists. Gill's work was quite geometrical using layered fabrics and straight lines, whilst Sue's soft needle felted backgrounds played host to some beautiful freehand stitching.

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