Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lots of things!

Howdi! I've been slacking a bit in the blogging department, but hoping to get back on track after a lovely holiday in Portugal and a few very busy weekends! Here's a few photos to prove it.

This is me in Tavira, the lovely old town where we stayed

A good ol' family barbecue, with all the doggies, they are just playing, honest. This is Archie not being beaten up by a girl, Maggie the Westie.
And a hen party for my friend Helen, we saw Dirty Dancing at the theatre, then went to learn how to make cocktails! Here we are in all our classy gear.
I've now opened up a Folksy shop so people can buy things in real pounds sterling, hopefully this will make it easier for people. There are a couple of new items in this shop including two new cards and a "make your own brooch kit," which is already proving popular.

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